domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Cell Wars - NEW EPISODE 1617

This year I proposed to my students to make cell models and organelles models.  The original part for this course is to prove why each of the organelle is the most important of all and why the cell cannot live a perfect life without it.

You all have done a good work.  Even with the teacher model, despite I'm not so bald.  Here you are the result.

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

The Earth and the Solar System. Projects

This year we have asked for a new challenge to the students, which consisted of a work of several subjects (Geography, Biology and English) as part of the integrated curriculum
The thing was to elaborate a poster about The Earth and the Solar System and which would deal with the following points: Geocentric and heliocentric theories, celestial bodies, planets of the Solar System (differentiating between rocky and gaseous), Earth movements, eclipses and Man and the Universe. 
This is the result of all of my 1º ESO students groups. 

1 ESO - A
1 ESO - B
1 ESO - C
Andrea, Marta, Daniela y Lucía
Carmen, Natalia, Paula, Laura, Jose y Nerea
Ainhoa, Hypatia y Nerea
Andrea, Marta, Daniela y Lucía
(back side)
Carmen, Natalia, Paula, Laura, Jose y Nerea
Andrea, Juan Andrés, Cristina, Raul y Saray
Elena, Cristina, Aroa y Marta
Natalia, Violeta, Raquel y Enma
Andrea, Juan Andrés, Cristina, Raul y Saray
Fernando, Víctor, Jaime y Domingo
Yeray, David, Miguel y Yeray
Ana María, Carlos, Lucas, Antonio y David
Fernando, Víctor, Jaime y Domingo 
(back side)
Salvador, Julia, Raquel, Cristian, Sergio y José María
Antonio, David, José Iván y Álvaro
Isaac, Daniela, Claudia y José Miguel
Naiara, Carmen, Candela y Aroa
Gisela, Lidia, Andrea y Beatriz
Alejandro, Elías, Francisco y Adrián

Ana Patricia, Paola, Ana y Laura
Paula, Luis, Elena y Rafael

Antonio, José, Rubén y Pablo

jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Living things - Characteristics

As you already know, living things share several features that make them living things instead of non-living.
These are:

  • To be formed by one or more CELLS 
  • To have the same chemical COMPOSITION (C H O N)
  • To perform the three VITAL FUNCTIONS (English speaking countries call the seven life processes)

Let's have a review in the following videos.

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

Five kingdoms

Here you are a couple of videos about living things and classification.

Please, watch them carefully and try to understand the information in order to revise the five kingdoms of living things and their characteristics.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

First and Second Law of Thermodynamics

Here is song written and played by Flanders and Swamn a long time ago that explains pretty clear the laws of Thermodynamics.

You can find the  lyrics of the song here (just in order to better follow the song).